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The Republic of Uganda
John Nasasira

Hon. Eng. John Nasasira, Minister for Information and Communications Technology, Uganda

Nyombi Thembo

Honourable Minister Nyombi Thembo, Minister of State for Information and Communications Technology, Uganda

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Theme 2014: Opening Frontiers to the Future


Rich in resources and with a youthful population, Africa is looking to the future with confidence.

As African economies enjoy unprecedented growth, international investors are turning their attention to a continent rich in potential. Now, Africa faces an important debate about how to make the most of the new climate of opportunity and define a new narrative.

The majority of Africans will not enjoy the full benefit of economic growth unless some fundamental issues are dealt with, such as how to overcome artificial barriers to trade, how to manage and anticipate changes, how to ensure that foreign investment aligns with sustainable development goals and how best to enable education, skills development and leadership to be of higher priority.

Read more about the 2014 Theme here.


"Only dialogue can inspire change"

At eLearning Africa, we are committed to the protection of human rights, diversity and equal opportunity. We value all individuals regardless of race, gender, religion, disability or sexual orientation. eLearning Africa, believing in the importance of dialogue, unites people through a common interest in education and human progress. It is our firm intention that the conference should provide an unfettered space for open discussion of the widest range of issues.


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Keynote Speakers



"The eLearning Africa Conference continues to be a worthwhile conference that every educator, policymaker and eLearner needs to plan to attend every year."

Gabriel S. Konayuma, Ministry of Science, Technology & Vocational Training, Zambia

“I was most impressed with the organisation of the eLearning Africa Conference, the hospitality of the Namibian government and people, and the level of knowledge and interest from the delegates. With conferences like this, it is clear to see that Africa is rising!”

Barbara Mallinson, OBAMI, South Africa

Speaker, “The Use of Social Media for Learning, Teaching and Citizenship”, 2013

“The conference gave me a new perspective on how ICT can help greatly in the development and educational sectors in Liberia after the 14 years of civil war.

From the sessions and networking in Windhoek, I believe that eLearning could become an integral part of Liberia's virgin ICT and Education sectors.”

Luther D. Jeke, iLab Liberia, Liberia

Speaker, “Technology Innovation Hubs in Africa: Creating Opportunities for Peer Learning and Knowledge Exchange”, 2013

“[eLearning Africa] was so empowering and asserting and gave me access to various technological tools, especially through the exhibition and the various presentations … I benefitted a lot from eLearning Africa, not only as a chairperson, but as a participant too.

It was my first experience and I walked away avery rich person in terms of ICT-tools usageinformation and innovation.”

MenesiaMuinjo, Namibian Broadcasting Corporation, Namibia

Chairperson, 2013

“The success of a conference is determined both during and after the event, but most importantly when the ideas shared and skills gained are put into practice. [eLearning Africa] was a great learning experience for me to challenge my thinking and at the same time discover new tools to improve my work.

Best practices have already been transferred. In fact, my colleagues at work and I will be visiting one of the universities that shared experiences of how they had successfully implemented courses that were taught completely online.”

Sarah Kiden, Ugandan Christian Univesity, Uganda

Participant, 2013