→ The eLearning Africa 2013 Report

As many African economies continue to experience unprecedented economic growth, access to mobile devices, Internet connectivity and social media are major catalysts for change, transforming learning and skills development. The eLearning Africa Report 2013 is a comprehensive survey of the experience and opinions of professionals and practitioners from 42 African countries. It shows just how technology is affecting learning and teaching in Africa. 


Get your free copy by e-mail, and discover:

  • Which digital technologies are most popular for learning
  • How technology is being used to support learning
  • What has succeeded and what has failed
  • What experts think post-2015 development priorities should be 


Find out the latest surprising facts, for example:

  • Only 30% use tablets in eLearning...
  • ... while 31% still use radio.
  • That 40% of practitioners create local content...
  • ... but only 16% do so using indigenous languages.


The eLearning Africa Report 2013 is a collaborative endeavour to enrich the conversation on ICT-enhanced learning and training in Africa, providing thought leadership and shaping policy and practice across the Continent. Our sincerest thanks go to all those who took part in the survey, and our congratulations to Monica Mutumba Kaniini, who has won the prize draw for a tablet computer! Please contact us at report@elearning-africa.com if you would like to have more information on the Report. 

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