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the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT) of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia.
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eLearning Africa will be of professional interest to:

  • Ministers, Government Officials, Policy Makers
  • Senior Staff from Government Departments and International Development Cooperation
  • Leaders of Professional Associations, Expertise Centres, Trade Unions, Chambers of Commerce, Local and Regional Authorities, NGOs and Continuing Education Centres
  • Deans, Directors and Researchers from Universities and other Institutes of Higher Education
  • University IT Directors/Managers
  • Education Administrators
  • ICT Program Directors/Managers and Service Providers
  • Educational Association’s Personnel
  • Curriculum Designers
  • Education Policy Makers
  • Corporate Training and Development Executives
  • School Principals and Administrators, Teachers and Trainers
  • Programme Managers and Education Administrators
  • International Education Development Cooperation
  • Human Resources Executives
  • IT Managers, Multi-Media and Software Developer/Specialist
  • Technology Service Providers
  • Publishers, Instruction Designers and Content Providers
  • eLearning Specialists, Multimedia and Software Designers, System Integration Specialists and End-User Support Managers, Social Media Specialists
  • Training Consultants and Company Representatives
  • Performance and Competence Management Specialists
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