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Supporting African Participation

→ eLearning Africa "Through your Lens" Photo Competition: the winners!

Thank you to all of you who took part in the eLearning Africa "Through your Lens" Photo Competition by submitting a photo or voting for your favourite. We received many outstanding submissions from all over Africa and beyond illustrating how communication tools and information technologies can build bridges and foster relationships between people. Following the jury's careful deliberations, we are delighted to announce the winners of the eLearning Africa "Though your Lens" Photo Competition!

The winning photos and those of the top 10 finalists will be exhibited at eLearning Africa 2014.



Aaron Parsons, UK
Rags to Riches

During my visit to Morocco I captured numerous scenes of camel owners who would take a break and go straight to their hi-tech piece of technology to keep up with social media and the daily trends. I found the juxtaposition of something so archaic and something so futuristic being in the same vicinity very amusing! The fact you can keep in touch with the rest of the world whilst riding camels is somewhat crazy!



Ebrahim El Moly, Egypt
One world

 On January 25 we met, old people, children, Muslims and Christians under one goal and one motto, searching for the word democracy, freedom the word which are recorded on the flag with the picture. The Internet was the most important tool that we used to share that tool that ain't to be covered by the government's hand at these tim.



Odongo Jamesbond – Uganda
Empowering local people through information

The minister of State for Disaster preparedness and relief, Musa Ecweru teaching local women of Amuria District, in Eastern Uganda how to use solar powered radio he distributed free of charge to them.So far 3000 such radios have been given out.

Public vote winner

Nseabasi Akpan – Nigeria
Learning Made Easy

With the aid of a laptop and a wireless internet facility, students of the French school in the ancient city of Ibadan go online to use Google Translate to translate from English to French. Here in Nigeria, the government has adopted French as its second official language, and the very existence of ICT has made learning the language easier and more interesting.


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