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Theme 2015: Enriching Tomorrow

Above all others, Africa's human capital is its most valuable resource. Individuals are the driving force behind development, innovation and economic growth on the Continent, and access to quality education and ICTs enrich the potential of individuals to empower communities. At eLearning Africa 2015, we will be asking how ICTs can be used today to enhance knowledge, expertise and abilities relevant for tomorrow. How can quality education be provided, designed, implemented, supported and certified for Africa's youth and Africa's workforce?

The 10th eLearning Africa will bring together decision
makers and practitioners from the education, business and government sectors
to discuss, share and act on all themes surrounding access, openness,
digital literacy, culture, pedagogy, sustainability, best practices and

The following subthemes serve as a guide for the research,
stories, thinking, experiences and expertise presented at the event:


Investing in Skills

How can skills training and competency building impact education and the labour market? What can students do to expand their learning beyond the classroom?


  • Accrediting, Assessing and Certifying Skills and Competencies
  • Advancing Digital and Media Skills & Abilities
  • Embedding Learning at Work
  • Skills in Focus: STEM, IT and Business Leadership
  • Technical Vocational Education & Training (TVET)
  • Youth Voices as Change Makers

Post-2015: Developing and Implementing Policy

What are the essential foundations of sustainable development? Share your expertise in policy development and leadership.


  • Delivering Internet Access and Connectivity
  • Collaboration, Funding Models, Financing, Ownership, Partnerships and Private Sector Involvement
  • Beyond Planning: Towards Systematic Implementation in Institutions and Organisations

Tomorrow's ICT

How can ICT support effective pedagogy in Primary Education, in High Schools, Higher Education institutions - and beyond?


  • Blended, Flipped, Immersive, Gamified and Social Media for Learning
  • Data, Assessment and Adaptive Learning
  • Learning Design, Curriculum Reform and Course Development
  • Labs, Content Management Systems, Platforms and the Cloud
  • Mobile Devices and BYOD in the classroom
  • Press and (Video, TV and Radio) Media in Learning
  • Research on ICT for Development, Learning and Training

The Age of Openness

Contribute your perspectives on the opening up of education, data and knowledge.


  • From MOOC to Degree? Badges, Credits and Credibility
  • Open Educational Resources and Open Source Software
  • Privacy, Security and IPR
  • Shared Knowledge: Research, Peer Networks, Hubs and Ecosystems

Local Cultures, Diversity and ICT

Contribute your inspirational stories charting the successes and challenges encountered whilst developing ICT4E content, projects and services.


  • Continental, National, Regional, Local and Micro Projects
  • Languages and Localisation of Content
  • Sustainable Large Scale Projects
  • Showcasing African Edutech: from Hardware to Software, Devices, and Apps
  • ICT for empowerment, engagement and action

Developing ICT Competence

How can ICT increase competence in sectors which intersect with development, education and training, such as agriculture, mining, tourism, peace work and humanitarian response?


  • Competencies for Pre-Service and In-service trainers, workers and educators
  • ICT in support of eInclusion, eQuality and Community Development




Read eLearning Africa 2014: In Review [PDF], to find out more about last year's themes and highlights.

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