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The Republic of Uganda
John Nasasira

Hon. Eng. John Nasasira, Minister for Information and Communications Technology, Uganda

Nyombi Thembo

Honourable Minister Nyombi Thembo, The Minister of State for Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Uganda

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eLearning Africa will showcase the stories, experiences, research, thinking and expertise that make up the complex but thrilling picture of ICT for development, education and training in Africa today, under the overall theme of Opening Frontiers to the Future.

Theme 2014: Opening Frontiers to the Future

Rich in resources and with a youthful population, Africa is looking to the future with confidence.

At a time when, even in some of the world's most advanced economies, degrees and qualifications are no guarantee of employment, how can Africans equip themselves with the skills necessary to not only succeed in their local market but also shape and lead the global marketplace? How can an environment be created that rewards entrepreneurship and encourages African-born innovation? How can productive partnerships between government and the private-sector be encouraged? How can we ensure that growth is sustainable and inclusive, and how can we make the most of economic growth today to lay secure foundations for the future?

International investors are turning their attention to a continent rich in potential. Now, Africa faces an important debate about how to make the most of the new climate of opportunity and define a new narrative.

The majority of Africans will not enjoy the full benefit of economic growth unless some fundamental issues are dealt with, such as how to overcome artificial barriers to trade, how to manage and anticipate changes, how to ensure that foreign investment aligns with sustainable development goals and how best to enable education, skills development and leadership to be of higher priority.  

Vital to Africa's future, these questions will form the core of the agenda for eLearning Africa 2014.

Under the overall theme Opening Frontiers to the Future, the following subthemes will be addressed at the event:

From the African Continent

A web of opportunities, ICTs provide inspiration for African youth, entrepreneurship, innovation and development of hardware, software and more. Showcase the very best coming out of Africa.


  • Supporting Youth; Life-Long and Life-Wide Learning
  • Development through Liberal Arts and Up-Skilling by Vocational Training
  • Home-grown Solutions: Hardware, Software, Apps, Tools and More
  • Entrepreneurship, Start-ups and Sustainable Business Models
  • Glocalisation and Expanding Trade

Infrastructures: Increasing Scalability

Full participation will lead to progress for all: how can connectivity be successfully optimised for large-scale impact on development, education and training?


  • Connectivity Essentials: Energy and Electricity
  • Connecting the Unconnected: Optimising Broadband and Delivery
  • Mobile Technologies and Telecommunications
  • Scaled-up Strategies and Large Scale Projects

Pre-Service and In-Service Educators

Educators and teacher-instruction play a central role in socio-economic transformation. Contribute your experiences with ICTs in this vital field.


  • Africa's Learning Tradition
  • Competencies and Professional Development
  • Learning Management Systems and Platforms

ICT for Pedagogy

Digitisation of education addresses key challenges in society and has a massive effect on pedagogy, tools and methods: share how this can be achieved.


  • Assessment and Quality
  • Tablets and Mobiles
  • New Forms: Blended, Flipped, Personalised, Social and More
  • Language and (Digital) Literacy
  • Digital Content Development and OER
  • Curriculum Development

Funding Education

One continent, 54 countries and a fast-changing, globalised world: how can education be sustainably funded in the 21st Century?


  • Public-Private Partnerships and Multi-Stakeholder Relationships
  • Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Contributions from the African Diaspora

Technology Leadership and Governance

Measurable deliverables of dedicated and enlightened leadership and transparency are essential to development, education and training. Share inspirational cases from HE, Schools and the Public sector.


  • Planning and Implementation for HE
  • Planning and Implementation for Schools
  • Policy and Implementation for the Public Sector

Knowledge Exchange for Best Practice

How can ICT cultivate expertise in a variety of sectors which intersect with development, education and training?


  • ICT for Agriculture, Food and Health Care
  • ICT for Tourism
  • ICT for Empowerment: Diversity, Gender Equality and Human Rights
  • ICT for Disaster-Management, Peace and Security
  • ICT for the Marginalised and Excluded
  • ICT for Education in Emergencies and Crises
  • Media, Blogs and Social Networks
  • Free and Open Source


Methods, pilots, data and reports: disseminate studies and solutions which are vital to advancement.


  • Methods
  • Pilots
  • (Big) Data and Reports




Read eLearning Africa 2013: In Review [PDF, Hi-Res // Lo-Res] to find out more about last year's themes and highlights.

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