Date: June 7 – 13, 2021
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The eLearning Africa Virtual Exchanges bring you a new opportunity to network and engage!

The eLearning Africa Primary & Secondary Education Virtual Exchange is an exciting new initiative, linking global EdTech and digital learning solution providers with decision makers in African primary and secondary education.

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Whilst the traditional format of learning spaces has changed, students still need to be taught, engaged with, equipped and prepared for the future. And, as technology leads the way, the demand for access to digital content, delivery and engagement tools is increasing rapidly.

The eLearning Africa Primary & Secondary Education Virtual Exchange puts people, ideas, practices and technologies together in a multi-faceted online forum. With peer-to-peer engagement, including opportunities to hear from solution providers about how their innovative use of technology and systems design enables educators and learners to thrive, eLA VE is a platform both for sharing best practice and showing how EdTech is responding to the needs of African students and teachers.

Featuring Edtech which serves both students' and teachers' needs, it provides solutions and ideas to ensure students keep learning and teachers keep teaching, even in the most challenging circumstances. And it showcases solutions to enhance learning and ensure quality education.

This event highlights the various kinds of initiatives and tools that are available to enable teachers and schools to continue to deliver education and engage with their students, allowing both practitioners and policy makers to share challenges they have encountered and good practices they have introduced.

The eLearning Africa Virtual Exchanges offer a cost-effective opportunity to engage with decision makers in the African education sector. In a region and a sector where personal relationships are so crucial, connections made at our exchanges prove their value time and time again.

The eLearning Africa Primary & Secondary Education Virtual Exchange is unequalled in the way it allows you to meet with stakeholders, peers, policy makers, decision makers and global representatives of education solutions for the Primary and Secondary Education sector, from the comfort of your home or office without you having to travel!

Its aim is to facilitate a meaningful exchange between practitioners, decision makers, prospective partners and solution providers. The Virtual Exchange will offer the opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of the latest trends and best practice in education and the different offers, products, platforms and solutions that are available in the market and allow you to get reliable and first-hand information in order to make the right partnership and decisions for your organisation / institution.

Enjoy eLearning Africa's leading virtual meeting and engagement platform, which seamlessly combines live video discussions and text chats on a one-on-one basis, live sessions and workshops, community discussion threads, virtual meet-ups, informal networking spaces, on-demand webinars and many other forms of engagement that will allow you to learn from your peers and the experts.


Our community of African Primary and Secondary Education decision makers consist of:

Representatives from:
  • Government Departments and International Development Cooperation
  • Professional Associations such as Teacher Associations and Parents' Associations
  • Local and Regional Authorities
  • NGOs
  • IGOS
  • Donor Organisations
  • Charities and Foundations
  • School Boards
As well as
  • Teachers and Educators
  • Curriculum Designers
  • Academic Technology Specialists
  • Instructional Technologists
  • Instructional Designers
  • Education Policy Makers
  • Government Officials
  • School Administrators
  • Head Teachers
  • School Principals
  • Programme Managers and Education Administrators
  • IT Managers, Multi-Media and Software Developers / Specialists

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