→Webinar: Embedding Employability Skills within African Higher Education Institutions

Date: March 24 from 11:00 am GMT to 12:30 pm GMT

Organised in collaboration with Coursera for Campus

coursera for campus


The webinar Embedding Employability Skills within Higher Education Institutions  – The Future of Study in Africa, will host leading experts to discuss how today's universities need to be competitive in order to deliver to the demands of the employability agenda. They will address how universities can ensure that their graduates not only have the knowledge but also the applicable skills needed for the 21st century labour market, so that they are effective professionals as soon as they enter the workforce.  Universities need not only serve the competitiveness and the relevance of their own institutions but also need to take bold steps to benefit their graduates' professional futures as well as the needs of labour market. These are some of the many issues that will be discussed. Panelists include:

  • Dr. Anand Agrawal, President at Bluecrest University College, Ghana
  • Dr. Ada Peter, Director of International Office and Linkages at Covenant University, Nigeria
  • Mary Elizabeth Atuhaire, Director of People & Culture at Irembo, Rwanda
  • Aida Opoku-Mensah, Chief of Staff, Director Ad Interim Capacity Development Division (CDD), Special Advisor on SDGs/Agenda 2030, UN Economic Commission for Africa, Ethiopia
  • Michael O'Neill, Partnerships Director at Coursera

The Forum will discuss a wide range of issues including:

  • Why skill acquisition is so important
  • What the main challenges are for universities in enhancing skills development
  • What skills employers most demand
  • How universities can improve the employability of their graduates

And we will be asking some important questions:

  • Whose responsibility is it to ensure that students have the right skills for the future world of work?
  • How can we equip students with the right skills to compete in the competitive future world of work?
  • How can we align the university's goals with the job market's demands?
  • Are universities offering job-relevant education?

To apply to attend, please contact us at

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