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Learning Design Module – Learn how to create your own engaging online educational & training content

eLearning Africa presents the online Learning Design [Certificate] Programme with Ferhana Dostmohamed.

Learning Design has become a critical skill for institutions to respond to changes in their industry and mobilise their workforce.

This programme helps you understand the principles of learning design so that you can build effective learning experiences by improving how you assess the learning needs, structure the content and finally, develop the material using audio, visual and storytelling skills.

This programme is for institutions, educational and training specialists who want to:

  1. Understand the design process – especially when working with an external provider
  2. Enhance their skills and build in-house capability to create their own education and training content
  3. Create digital modes of learning content
  4. Build more engaging learning content and use a variety of learning modalities
  5. Create workshop(s) to showcase their intellectual property as a way to engage with their corporate/educational clients


How you can participate:

  1. All courses will be held online.
  2. Attend Course 1 – Free session to get an overview of the programme and key learning outcomes you can apply to your work right away
  3. Sign up for the full Learning Design Module and get the full experience. By the end of the Module, you will be able to comfortably start designing and developing your own learning content. You also get a discounted price for the full package.
  4. Sign up for the courses which you are most interested in.

Course 1: Learning Design 101 Wednesday, April 28th 2021

This 60 minute free introductory course provides you with an understanding of what Learning Design is and starts building the framework of the key components of learning design. We will also discuss digital and blended learning design, focusing on how to move existing training material into a digital format using critical design skills.

  1. What is Learning Design
  2. Who should become a learning designer
  3. Basic Framework of Learning Design
  4. Digital Learning Design

Free Course / 60 min / No max on number of participants

Course 2: Identify Needs and Analyse Requirements Wednesday, May 12th 2021

If you don't know what need you are fulfilling, what the requirements are, you will invariably be going in the wrong direction. This course helps you build a strong foundation for your learning by starting with clearly identifying and aligning with the business needs.

  1. How to conduct Needs/Gap Assessments – Powerful Questions to Ask
  2. Stakeholder Management
  3. Connecting to learning requirements to business needs
  4. Putting together a Needs Assessment Report

€42 / 90 min / Max No. of participants: 40

Course 3: Design your Course Wednesday, June 2nd 2021

Before your build a house, you need to build the blueprint. Similarly, before you develop your learning, you need to design it. This course walks you through the step-by-step process of outlining and storyboarding your learning material before you can start developing it.

When this critical step gets missed, you can end up with chaos, from mixed messages, ineffective content or sometimes, a course which is completely different from what you were expecting.

  1. Work with Subject Matter Experts to identify content
  2. Storyboarding based on learning modality (eLearning, Virtual Classrooms, videos)
  3. Basics of Information Design

€42 / 90 min / Max No. of participants: 40

Course 4: Develop your Training Content – Create Engagement and Impact Wednesday, June 16th 2021

Once you have a blueprint of your course, you are ready to build in all the details and interactions. There are many ways you can develop content, and this course discusses how you build content that is engaging and impactful for in person, virtual learning and eLearning delivery modes.

  1. Using audio and visuals to enhance your messaging
  2. PowerPoint tips for to become master creators
  3. Practice creating content and messaging using PowerPoint

€42 / 90 min / Max No. of participants: 40

Course 5: Create Video Training Content Wednesday, June 30th and July 7th 2021

Video has become a key method used to share messaging and learning. This course is broken into two parts, and explores the best practices of recording video and editing your content for maximum benefit. This is a very hands-on module and you will be expected to create a short video as part of this module.

  1. Video can change how you share your message
  2. Explore and Practice how to Record a video
  3. Explore and Practice how to Edit a video
  4. Best Practices for video creation

€99 / Two 90 min sessions / Max No. of participants: 25


If you book for all Courses 2 – 5, you will receive a discount of and pay €195 for the full programme, instead of €225

Please note, that places are limited for Courses 2 – 5, and we can only offer places on a first-come, first served basis.

To sign up for the individual courses for the full module, click here.

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