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eLearning Africa features various types of sessions in order to create the most comprehensive and cohesive agenda possible.

Core Dialogues

These round-table interactive break-out sessions (between 60-120 minutes) have one or multiple host(s) who engage participants with peer-learning activities and discussions.

Discovery Demos

Discovery demos (60 minutes) show tools, next generation materials and pre-release products for learning and training. Discovery demo speakers will present simultaneously at standing tables, giving participants the chance to interact on an informal, one-to-one basis with these developers and creators.

Knowledge Exchange Sessions

Topic-focused networking events that encourage communities to connect around shared interests. Each Knowledge Exchange Session (60 minutes) is centered on a specific theme or community and led by one to two speakers introducing the topic and facilitating networking or focusing discussions.

Knowledge Factory

The agendas of these sessions (between 60-120 minutes), hosted by one or multiple facilitators, offer practical activities, exercises and strategies that participants can take back and implement in their working environments.

Panel Discussions

These sessions (60-90 min.) bring together a group of 2-4 speakers and a moderator to discuss a pertinent issue or topic. The moderator gathers the panel, introduces the topic and summarises discussions. Each speaker presents his/her views for 5-10 minutes after which time is dedicated for a lively and informative Q&A between panel and participants attending.

Panel Talks

The Panel Talks (60-90 min.) bring together 2-5 speakers from different backgrounds presenting for 5-10 minutes each on a common topic. Panel Talks are chaired by an expert in the field who liaises with the panel ahead of the conference to ensure the combination of single talks, presents a unified session-outcome to participants.

Plenary Sessions

Four plenary sessions, including the official Opening and the eLearning Africa Debate, will bring together expert speakers from around the world to share their perspectives on pertinent issues facing technology supported learning and training, through insightful keynote speeches and lively discussions.

Pre-Conference Events

Half- or full-day workshops, seminars, summits and meetings (between 3 - 8 hours) offer an agenda filled with activities to develop practical skills and grow deep knowledge. Events are organised by one or multiple facilitators and, as seats are limited, participants are required to sign up to them in advance. The pre-conference events require a separate registration.

Poster Presentations

With the "show and tell" principle, poster presentations will give you the chance to interact with those presenting a broad range of learning technology research, practice and policy best practices in Higher Education, contributions of academics and innovators, while you engage and discuss around the theme and keep your network growing.

NB The organisers reserve the right to suggest a different type of format than the one submitted depending on the needs of the overall programme.

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