Using Technology to Increase Learners' Engagement

Thursday, May 12, 2022
11:45 – 13:00

Room: AD10

While all educational institutions struggle to enhance student engagement, how to choose the best kind of support to achieve the learning goals and to reduce the students’ drop-out from the online education system? This session will enable the target audience to reflect on their teaching and learning experiences and be challenged to adopt activities and solutions to make classes more engaging and innovative.


Gerry van der Hulst, Three Mountains Learning Advisors, Rwanda


Alice Chemtai Muraguri, Aga Khan University, Kenya
How To Design Learning Experiences to Maximize Students’ Engagement

Kendi Muchungi, Aga Khan University, Brain and Mind Institute, Kenya
Integration of Transformative Pedagogies and the Leveraging of Technology to Enhance Student Engagement for Significant Learning and the Promotion of Mental Health

Karam Zaitoun, Cypher Learning, Jordan
Research and Innovation in Universities: Successful Case Studies and Strategies