Digital Policies for Education Institutions: Key Success Factors

Jeudi 12 mai 2022
11:45 – 13:15

Salle : AD1

Description :
This ‘world café’ focuses on discussing the key success factors for digital policies at institutional level, including the specific key success factors for higher, secondary, primary & TVET education. In this session, you will learn about Enabel’s programmes and partnerships (e.g. with GIZ in ResiCOdi) experience throughout Africa and have an open exchange.

Modérateur :

Jan Kennis, Enabel, Belgium

Orateur(s) :

Emilienne Umuraza, Enabel, Rwanda

Amandine Van der Aa, Enabel, Uganda

Bénédicte Bazyn, Enabel, Morocco

Paulien Caeyers, Enabel, Burundi

Bart Cornille, Enabel, Uganda

Piet Roos, Enabel, Rwanda