Strengthening Capacities at African Universities for Quality and Equitable Higher Education Learning

Vendredi 13 mai 2022
11:45 – 13:15

Salle : MH2

Description :
eLearning is crucial to achieving inclusive and quality and resilient education for all. African higher learning institutions must speed up the development of eLearning and should view it in equal terms as face-to-face learning. eLearning has the potential to ensure that quality learning is made accessible, uninterruptedly to all learners especially those who face additional barriers, and it enables closer collaboration among higher learning institutions. This session explores how to materialise this potential in a resilient way, examining how the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program eLearning Initiative works and sharing its learnings.

Modérateur :

Everlyn Anyal Musa, Mastercard Foundation eLearning Initiative, USIU Africa, Kenya

Orateur(s) :

Daniel Opoku, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana
The impact of Mastercard Foundation eLearning Initiative on the delivery of STEM courses: Perspective from a Champion

Paul Birevu Muyinda, Makerere University, Uganda
The successes and challenges of implementing eLearning at institutions of Higher Learning: A case study of Makerere University

Joseph Nsengimana, Mastercard Foundation, Rwanda
Investing in Infrastructure development as a key enabler for eLearning success

Eannes Ongus, USIU Africa, Kenya
Building a resilient and sustainable eLearning ecosystem: A role for all stakeholders.