→Session Formats 2023

eLearning Africa's formats reflect the diverse ways in which the conference supports knowledge exchange for all education, training and skills development stakeholders.

Core Dialogues

These boardroom interactive break-out sessions engage you with collaboration, peer-learning activities and discussions. Short presentations will be followed by interactive discussions in small groups to gain a deeper understanding and to share ideas.

Discovery Demos

Discovery demos are innovation showcases of tools, next generation materials and pre-release products for learning and training. This session is made to get hands-on, to test and to try out.

Knowledge Exchange Sessions 

Interactive sessions focused on casual discussions to share knowledge, stories and experiences related to a specific topic.

Knowledge Factories

The agendas of these practical sessions during the main event days offer hands-on activities, exercises and strategies for you to take back and implement in your organisation.

World Café

These round-table interactive break-out sessions engage you with collaboration, peer-learning activities and discussions. Discuss questions in small groups in several rounds and take advantage of the collective knowledge of the conference community.

Panel Discussions

These sessions are organised collectively by a group of speakers and a moderator to discuss a pertinent issue or topic. Each speaker presents his/her views after which time is dedicated for a lively and informative Q&A between panel and participants attending.

Plenary Sessions

The eLearning Africa plenary sessions, including the featured eLearning Africa Debate, will bring together world-class keynote speakers bringing in new perspectives and new impulses for innovation with contributions that will take you on a journey far beyond the conference themes.

Pre-Conference Events

Half and full-day workshops, seminars and meetings offer an agenda filled with activities to develop practical skills and to grow deep knowledge. These events need to be registered for separately. Seats are limited, so make sure to sign up in advance.

NB The organisers reserve the right to suggest a different type of format than the one submitted depending on the needs of the overall programme.

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