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eLearning Africa is proud to host the MoodleMoot Africa 2019 on 23 October

This MoodleMoot workshop will offer a full day of learning, collaborating and sharing of ideas about Moodle with Moodle experts, practitioners and Moodle's founder. It will also provide you with a unique opportunity to share your Moodle story with the community, learn about the latest developments and improve your practice of Moodle.

This is your chance to share your Moodle story with our community and we'd love to hear your stories in particular on these topics:

  • Moodle for the workplace – how can Moodle be used to support company goals and objectives?
  • Moodle in education – how is Moodle advancing open, quality, collaborative and accessible education?
  • Creative uses of Moodle as an organisational online solution – how is Moodle being used creatively to empower educators to improve our world?
  • Moodle development – have you developed plugins, Moodle code, customisation, Moodle App, features and capabilities to make the learning platform more powerful?

You can find more information about MoodleMoot Africa 2019 here.


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