New Model Learning: Innovating to Become Sustainable, Self-Reliant, Equitable and Resilient

Africa needs a new model for learning and development; a plan to point the path ahead to a future full of opportunity. It needs an agenda to turn the African Union’s 2063 Vision into reality. And it needs a guide to show the contribution Africa can make to a more interconnected, humanitarian world. Too often in the past, education has been little more than accessory to the international development agenda, rather than the means to build a prosperous, African future. Now, in a world in which change is constant, where Africa is set to become the fastest growing region on the planet with its youngest population, African countries have the chance to entrench sustainable and equitable development. Africa can become self-reliant and resilient, as never before. And it can show the world the way to new forms of partnership, cooperation and community. The future is Africa's but it depends on education and training. And on creating a new model for learning.

What must be done to build this new model? How can it be implemented across Africa? How can Africa give its people the education they need to become self-reliant and resilient? How can Africa's new model learning support the sustainable and equitable development that will underpin productivity, prosperity and peace? And how can it help Africa to lead the world to a new age of cooperation and global community?

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