A4: UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers / OER Project




This capacity building initiative will demonstrate to those involved with teacher/ instructor education how to access ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (ICT CFT) and use it to shape training initiatives using Open Educational Resources.

It will also provide an overview of the 2019 UNESCO Recommendation on OER and how it can be applied to support teacher/ Instructor Training.

The workshop will identify free and quality units of study aligned to the ICT CFT competencies. These free to use, and modify, open educational resources (OER) resident in the UNESCO ICT CFT Hub on OER Commons, can be adapted to suit new contexts and learners. The training will also introduce you to members of the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers (ICT-CFT) OER Network practitioners/expert group.

SCHEDULE: 14.00   17.45


14.00   14.10

Welcome address

14.10   14.20

Presentation of the ICT CFT OER Project

14.20   14.40

Opening presentation

The ICT CFT OER model

  • The ICT CFT Framework
  • ICT CFT Hub of open resources
  • ICT CFT practitioners' group

14.40   14.50

Online tutorial 1 – Using the ICT CFT framework to identify and prioritise national or institutional teacher ICT competencies

14.50   15.10

Case study A – Rwanda

Topic: Developing the Rwanda ICT Essentials for Teachers curriculum Map

15.10   15.40

1st Breakout room discussions – Discussion on Identification of national ICT teachers' competencies

15.40   16.00

Coffee break

16.00   16.20

Presentation - The ICT CFT Hub

  • What are OER?
  • What's in the hub?
  • Hub contributors

16.20   16.40

Online tutorial 2 – Using the ICT CFT hub on OER Commons. How to navigate, sort and evaluate resources found on the hub. Contextualisation and adaptation considerations for new contexts.

16.40   16.50

Snapshot of OER Development in Africa

16.50   17.10

2nd Breakout room discussion – What needs to be organised in my country (or institution) to setup an ICT CFT OER project?

17.10   17.30

Overview Global Activities 2022

Global activities ICT CFT & OER Recommendation

Introduction to the four facilitated tutorials

17.30   17.45

Next Steps & Closing Remarks


Professionals responsible for teacher and/or instructor training on the use of technologies (trainer, management role, etc.).


Youth training, higher education, workplace learning, primary & secondary education, public sector.


Basic computer skills.


  • Demonstrate to teacher/instructor education specialists how to access the framework and use it to shape training initiatives and identify free and quality units of study aligned to the ICT CFT competencies.
  • Introduce the framework and show some of the processes required to use both the ICT CFT and access and adapt OER. This will include information on how to use the openly licensed materials available on the UNESCO ICT CFT Hub; and
  • Share best practices of the project showcasing some examples of national ICT CFT initiatives from members of the ICT CFT practitioners/expert group.


This event is free of charge for all conference participants.

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