M2: Remote Learning Experience During COVID-19 Disruption in Rwanda




Education is one of the sectors that was affected by the Covid_19 pandemic which increased e the gap of education access, equity and inclusion even more. In Rwanda, like in many other countries, schools were closed for 8 months. We have learnt a lot from Covid-19 during the school closure. In order to ensure the continuity of learning, the education system saw that learning remotely using technology is a solution.

Rwanda experienced learners keep learning remotely using technology through digital and other remote learning technologies.

Continuity of learning during the school disruption was not only reserved for learners but also for their teachers and trainers. Teacher professional development continued through distant lessons. The Rwanda Ministry of Education jointly with partners embarked on teachers training programs in various field such as English language as a medium language of instruction, ICT in education, pedagogy, and others. Some trainings were conducted fully online while others were offered in blended mode. The purpose of this session is sharing the Ministry of Education's experience in remote teaching and learning during COVID-19 disruption.

SCHEDULE: 9.30-12.30


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