Prof. Madara Ogot

Prof Madara Ogot holds a BSE Mechanical Engineering (Princeton), PhD Mechanical Engineering (Penn State), MBA (Rutgers), PhD Business Administration (Nairobi). He has published widely both in Mechanical Engineering and strategic management. Ogot was a faculty member in the Mech Eng Deps at Rutgers, Penn State, Nairobi. He served as Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic Affairs at Maseno (2011-2014), Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research, Innovation and Enterprise, Nairobi (2018-2020). He is currently the CEO at UbuntuNet Alliance for Research and Education Networks. Ogot has been active in development of ST&I policy in Kenya, eg, as a member of the Taskforce that developed bills that became the Universities Act 2012, Technical, Industrial & Vocational Training Act, 2013, and the Science & Technology Act, 2013, the latter providing the legal framework for the establishment of the Kenya National Innovation Agency, the National Research Fund, and the National Commission for Science and Technology.