Dayn Amade

Dayn Amade, is a 42 year-old inventor of Tablet Comunitário, which is a digital and interactive mobile technological infrastructure. This platform is currently 100%  environmentally friendly, consisting of recycled plastic and fully powered by solar energy panels.

He is also Founder of Kamaleon Ltd and CEO of Tablet Comunitário Foundation, that is its corporate social responsibility project. Tablet Comunitario was created  in Africa to all Digital Divide challenged countries with a clear objective to reduce the digital literacy gap and to empower people in rural communities. This inventions andinitiatives are registered in Intellectual Property and Patents office.

Since 2016, this platform has reached around 2.000.000 people in rural Mozambique, in various programmes related to Basic Education,Health, Agriculture and Financial programs in partnership with Governmental and non-Governmental organizations.

His team has implemented another Dayn’s  innovation and  introduced an inclusive platform for people with hearing disorders and visual impairment disabilities.

In 2020, a cold chain compartment was introduced in The Tablet Comunitario to fully engage in vaccination programs in a "all in one Model" (awareness campaigns, digital citizenship data base registrations, online medical consultations, management and logistic of vaccines which is still in experimental phase).

We have consistently adapted to the adverse circumstances to make it a success story to engage in Africa Digital Transformation, in circular economy and our Goal is to reach the disadvantaged communities and leave no one behind in the quest for digital literacy and rural empowerment.