Roger Clark

Building on a lifelong passion for education, Roger led the broader evolution of ApplianSys’ connected classroom technologies and product manages ApplianSys’ market-leading CACHEBOX for Schools, feeding customer insight and sector trends into the product roadmap.

At a policy level, Roger has advised national authorities on internet-enabled education challenges, helping them to avoid the connectivity overspend and rural digital divide that so often lead to project failure.

He also collaborates with authorities, their delivery agencies and content providers to implement the technology, deployment and configuration strategies that cost-effectively deliver improved learning outcomes.

Since 2016, Roger has led a series of extensive annual studies of internet use in US schools – both rural and urban - developing clear insight into long-term impact of connectivity . Roger is invited to present the findings to the US Federal Communications Commission in Washington DC as part of an assessment of the ROI value that federally funded caching technologies deliver in K12.

As an active community volunteer, Roger is a Director of a large rural secondary school in the SouthWest of England where he helps to guide strategy for e-Learning and the raising of learning outcomes within rural budget constraints.

Roger is also author of a collection of whitepapers that form a manifesto for a holistic approach to the e-Learning ecosystem – including Content, Connectivity, Student Devices and Pedagogy. His comprehensive analysis of each element includes:

  • Connected Classrooms for Policy Makers & Delivery Agencies: technology solutions to accelerate national roll-out of e-Learning - so no child is left behind
  • e-Learning traffic profiles, schools’ operational dynamics, caching solution design considerations – an introduction
  • How the issues faced by Education Authorities with distributed rural schools’ networks informs a detailed design brief for caching solutions and their RFPs
  • Determinants for web-cache topology selection: Core, Last-Mile, Hierarchies
  • Effective SSL certificate management to minimise HTTPS bandwidth consumption and keeping students safe
  • Delivery mechanism guidelines for content and hosting platforms to maximise content access and usability in rural schools