Nader Iman Imani

Mr. Nader Imani holds a PhD. in Mechanical Engineering from the Ecole Centrale des Nantes, France, and has attended several management education programs, among others in St. Galen Management University, Switzerland and Harvard Business School, USA. He is currently acting as Executive Vice President Global Education, steering global education projects in TVET and Academia addressing socio-economic challenges accross teh globe.

In his professional career, Mr. Imani has been working as Assistant Professor for Education and Applied Research in the University of Nantes, co-managed education activities of over 60 Festo company-subsidiaries and more than 30 representatives, co-led the Business Field Education at Festo Didactic, with over 250 employees responsible for design, development and production of educational products and training solutions in Technical Vocational and Academic Education and led as CEO North American Activities of Festo Didactic in both USA and Canada. All along his carrier he has cooperated worldwide with national authorities in charge of education and international bi-, multilateral developing agencies and chambers of commerce and industries to define labor market demand driven technical education programs, mainly but not restrictive to the manufacturing sector. Within his areas of expertise, Mr. Imani has been attending  in conferences and forums to talk about skills development in Mechatronics, Digital Manufacturing as well as Water Management coming in the area of Greening Skills and Green Jobs.

In parallel, Mr. Imani is an active member of the LKDF – the Learning and Knowledge Development Facility initiated of UNIDO. He is involved to steer international activities of Didacta Verband, the major association of education companies in Germany and is Vice-President of the Worlddidac, the largest international education association representing companies that worldwide offer products and services in education. Mr. Imani a fervent advocate of skills based education, is member of the WorldSkills Advisory Council for Skills Africa. Mr. Imani speaks and communicates fluently in English, French, German, Persian and Spanish, is interested in history and anthropology and likes travelling.