Matthew Ames

Dr Matthew Ames is Instructional Technologist and Assistant Professor at the University of Global Health Equity, a new and innovative medical school based in the mountains of northern Rwanda.

He has been an instructional designer, instructional technologist, community activist, researcher, musician, videographer for over 20 years and has experience in the southern United States, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. He also worked as an instructional technologist at Norfolk State University, Valencia Community College and at Virginia Tech, where he co-developed a fully-online graduate programme in animal breeding and genetics.

Dr Matthew Ames has conducted conference presentations on topics such as the use of humour in online learning, psycho geography as a constructivist practice and teaching through the use of sound media.

At eLearning Africa 2023, Dr Matthew Ames will explain how universities can build a strategy to implement digital education based on the 8 factor e-Learning Framework of Badrul H. Khan. He will also present a case study of how this framework has been used at an innovative medical school in Rwanda.