Zaheera Soomar

Zaheera Soomar is a business leader, independent consultant and academic scholar. She has more than 17 years of experience leading on business strategy, organizational change, responsible business practice and innovation and large-scale transformation across multiple industries.

She has a passion for social impact, sustainable development, gender and racial equality, human rights and making an impact. Deep experience within Oil & Gas, Mining, Consulting and Education industries. Extensive international experience in managing clients, leading teams, understanding context and culture, having a travel-based career (>10 years) and working remotely/virtually (>6 years). Proven skills in setting up and building organizations (start up, early stage), developing processes and systems, driving organizational and revenue growth, performance improvement and delivering impactful results.

Zaheera currently heads up Education and Skills globally for Anglo American. Her focus in on improving education and skills in Anglo Americans host communities around the world. These are often rural, lower income deprived communities.

She has an MBA (2012) and currently pursuing Doctorate in Business focused on Responsible Business and Organizational Change. She is also an executive Board Member, published author and speaker at various conferences.