Tanyella Evans

Tanyella is the Executive Director and Co-Creator of NABU. From its inception in 2013 as a kickstarter-funded success story, she has grown the organization into a leading publisher of multilingual children’s books, using technology to accelerate children’s literacy. With a mission to aid in solving the global literacy crisis by 2030, NABU is currently impacting the lives of over 1 million children through its low bandwidth tech platform by providing access to high quality, culturally responsive mother tongue books that help children learn to love to read. 


NABU has recently launched partnerships with HP and Girl Rising, and won the prestigious Schmidt Futures Competition, providing resources to increase the internal research department. In partnership with HP, NABU is developing a major creative hub in the Kigali Public Library in Rwanda, where over 200 African authors and illustrators will be trained each year in digital content creation and illustration skills.


Prior to NABU, Tanyella served as Executive Director of Artists for Peace and Justice, where she established a school for 3,000 students in one of the poorest communities in Haiti. In 2010 she helped to launch the social enterprise Giveacar in the UK generating new revenue streams for local charities. She started her career at the Campaign for Female Education. 


Tanyella is the recipient of the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award, an International Literacy Association Honoree, an Echoing Green Fellow, and one of Forbes 30 Under 30.  Tanyella is a graduate of the University of Cambridge in the UK.