How to Motivate and Empower Teachers


Friday, 25 October 2019
11:45 – 13:00

The quality of teachers is paramount to ensure a high quality of education. Teachers need to be a highly skilled workforce embracing 21st century skills and innovation while integrating ICTs in their teaching. Join this session to hear about innovative methods that aim to improve teachers’ performance, whilst motivating and encouraging them to embrace innovation.


Geoffrey Olok Tabo, Gulu University, Uganda
Towards Innovative Teaching, Methods and Technologies to Improve Performance of Teachers in Higher Education

Paul Waibochi, CEMASTEA, Kenya
Improving Performance Through Innovative and ICT Integration Teacher of the Year Award Competition (iTOYA): KENYA Case Study

Rebecca Granato, Bard College, USA
Engaged Pedagogies for Inservice Teachers in Formal and Informal Environments

Gerald Henzinger, common sense – eLearning & training consultants GmbH, Austria
ICT in Primary Teacher Education in Malawi. A Study on the Success Stories and Challenges