Aida Opoku-Mensah recently retired from the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa as its Chief of Staff to the Executive Secretary & Special Advisor on SDGs. Her two decades with the commission centred around roles within the areas of ICT as well as the Sustainable Development Goals.

In her capacity as Director of the ICT, Science & Technology Division, she Managed the work programme of the Division – ‘Harnessing Information, Science and Technology for Development’ and Built constituencies within Africa with Academia, CSOs, Privates Sector, Governments, Youth, Women, media, MPs, and collaborated with partners to support programmes.

She’s Supported Member States National ICT4D Policies and successfully managed the formulation of national ICT for development policies in over 30 countries.

While Special Advisor on SDGs & the Focal Person for Combatting Illicit Financial Flows Aida Coordinated and provided strategic advice on SDG activities within the Commission. She Led and completed the development of the AU-UN Framework on Implementing Agenda 2063 and the SDGs - which was signed by the UN Sec-General and the AU Chairperson in 2018.

Aida holds a BA Hons in Linguistics & Swahili from; the University of Ghana; a Diploma in - International Studies from the University of London; a Master of Arts in Communication Policy Studies from the School of Social Sciences at City University, London; and a PhD in Political Science and Communications from the School of Politics and International Studies at the University of Leeds.

Aida has written extensively on Africa’s development especially in the area of ICTs, Science and Technology. She received the Geospatial World Leadership Award for ‘Making a difference in promoting geospatial technology in Africa’ in 2012, and the ‘African Female Diplomat of the Year’ Award from BEN TV (UK) 2012 diplomatic awards.