Our podcast series brought to you by Rob Vember, brings together eLearning Africa's experts with our community of African education, training and technology professionals to discuss issues affecting learning and training across Africa today.

We've developed this series from the ground to help sector professionals respond to a time of exceptional change.

Tune in every month for fresh perspectives, new solutions and advice from digital learning and ICT experts and leading practitioners on the challenges faced by African education and training professionals. Get to know the stories, experiences and motivators behind these leading voices.


Join us for the latest eLearning Africa Podcast – In Conversation with Professor Sozinho Francisco Matsinhe. Chatting with Rob Vember, Sozinho argues the challenge now that Africa has been liberated is to free the minds of its people, arguing we should see languages as an asset, not as a liability of any kind. He calls for linguistic equity and talks about his efforts towards achieving that goal by making "the if possible", possible, during his tenure as Executive Secretary of the African Academy of Languages (ACALAN), the official language agency of the African Union. In the conversation he discusses misinformation and disinformation around Covid-19. While Communication is part of the problem Sozinho says it takes us to a much broader issue of the interplay between language and development, his main focal area. Find out why "You can't kill hunger with foods cooked in borrowed pots" or why "You can't lick an empty hand". In addition to the many metaphors he employs, he shares why Mother tongue based education or bilingual education, shouldn't be seen as a way to solve pedagogical problems.

Join us for the latest eLearning Africa Podcast – In Conversation with Barbara Moser-Mercer, professor emerita and founder of InZone, a programme of the University of Geneva, which pioneers innovative approaches to higher education in communities affected by conflict and humanitarian crisis. Moser-Mercer is visiting professor at the University of Nairobi, engaged in strengthening African solutions that advance higher education in emergencies (HEiE) and currently coordinating the launch phase of the African Higher Education in Emergencies Network (AHEEN). Chatting with Rob Vember, the former Fulbright scholar spoke passionately of the importance of a human centred approach to technological advancements, and warned of the risk in pushing for more technology. She explains why she believes the digital divide is so serious, and shares about her work in Africa, specifically talking about higher education in forced displacement contexts, explaining why it requires a utilitarian approach to education, a stance she would not ordinarily take.

Join us for the latest eLearning Africa Podcast - In Conversation with Aida Opoku-Mensah, who recently retired from a two decade long career with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa. Chatting with Rob Vember, the former Chief of Staff to the Executive Secretary & Special Advisor on SDGs, shared her views on the evolution of ICT in Africa over the last 20 years and shares her thoughts on what's to come. She explains why we're going to miss the 2030 SDGs deadline and how COVID has exacerbated our challenges in many of the focal areas. She talks through the factors necessary to successfully create an e-Learning and online learning experience; Advocates for a digital currency for the continent, why Africa needs to be ready for crypto; and tells Rob what's the first thing she checks when she wakes up in the morning.
Join us for the eLearning Africa Podcast - In Conversation with Hon Michael Onyango, Thought Leader on Emerging Technologies and the Future of Work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Chatting to Rob Vember, Onyango talks about the influence of his upbringing on his drive to care for Africa’s forgotten bottom millions and what we need to be doing "now". Onyango shares his views on Africa’s infrastructure gap, explains why he thinks the current education system is set up for the industrial age, and motivates for stackable credentials. Onyango also gives Vember a crash course explanation on 5G, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. 

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