M2: Shape the World’s Biggest Education Technology Research Project Ever


Lea Simpson, The EdTech Hub and Brink, UK

Room: Daoukro


The World Bank, University of Cambridge and UKAid have joined forces in a partnership to help improve education technology in developing countries. The result is the world's biggest education technology and innovation programme ever commissioned.

The Global EdTech Hub, funded by DFID, has been appointed to explore how we might use technology to counter this trend, through:

Gold standard research. The lack of existing robust and rigorous research makes it difficult to confidently invest in education technology at scale.

Innovation. Working directly in schools, testing EdTech in situ and developing new approaches to generate evidence and unlock scale… fast.

Support for governments to effectively deploy EdTech. The Hub will support governments with direct technical assistance, long term capacity building, and knowledge exchange.

Global Leadership. The Hub will act as a platform for knowledge sharing across the sector, learning and working 'out loud'.

This workshop offers an opportunity to a select group of eLearningAfrica participants to shape the direction of the innovation strand of this work - and potentially play a role in it in 2020.


09:00 – 10:30


  • Welcome and brief introductions

  • Introduction to the EdTech Hub, our ambition, vision and how this session will contribute to the whole


Tomorrow: It's 2025 and edtech is being used with greater impact in Africa, why?

Today: What are the key challenges and problems you have faced with education technology?

10:30 – 11:00

Tea/Coffee Break

11:00 – 13:30

Opportunities to take part in this work going forward


Participation in this workshop is limited to 20 people who will be selected based on their experience and complementary viewpoints. We are looking for a mix of policymakers, educators, technologists, innovators and thinkers who have lived experience of working with education technology.


Primary secondary, public sector.


Lived experience of working with education technology.

Those interested in taking part in the session should answer the following questions to be considered:

Organisation: Job title and role:
What is your lived experience with EdTech: [200 word limit]
Thinking about EdTech, I am most excited about: [no more than 280 characters]
Thinking about EdTech, I am most concerned about: [no more than 280 characters]


  • Shaping the strategy for the world's biggest education technology research and innovation programme
  • Ongoing collaboration with the group
  • Shared understanding of a vision for edtech in Africa, the challenges faced by colleagues
  • Networking with a prestigious group


This event is free of charge for all conference participants.


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