Charles Bassey-Eyo

Mr Bassey-Eyo is a serial investor with investments in several verticals, which include Education, Agriculture and Technology. His investment in the Education sector is in Axiom Learning Solutions Limited, a company he co-founded in 2010 and has grown to be a leading service provider of education services in Nigeria, particularly within the teacher training and continuous professional development sector. He is a visionary business leader with expertise in the development and strategic growth of start-up enterprises in the not-for-profit, education, finance, consulting and tech sectors. 

Mr Charles Bassey-Eyo is a fellow of the Chartered Accountant and Corporate Treasurer (AMCT); he is a portfolio entrepreneur operating in the Sub Saharan Africa and in particular Nigeria. His professional career trajectory (prior to the launch of his entrepreneurial career) includes strategic and operational leadership in functional areas such as corporate treasury where he achieved the implementation of a Pan European liquidity management framework as Group Treasury Manager of Polo Ralph Lauren Europe as far back as 2003. He is also an expert on IFRS implementation and has been involved in several large-scale change initiatives in global financial institutions and corporations.

Ani is the CEO of the LANI Group which comprises of investment holdings in diverse industry sectors such as learning and development (Axiom Learning Solutions which he co-founded: he leads business development and programme development and execution in education transformation and skills development assignments); Agro processing (Sehai Foods, a company which he also co-founded) as well as entities in the professional services, tax management and financial training domains.

Mr Charles Bassey-Eyo has been the driving force behind the achievement of Axiom's aggressive growth in Nigeria and across Africa. He has also had a positive impact on the capacity development of Nigerian teachers with various enabling government institutions, which includes government parastatals, developmental agencies, donor agencies, private sector companies and other education institutions. Axiom Learning Solutions has been identified as one of the companies to inspire Africa in 2019 by the London Stock Exchange Group. Axiom Learning Solutions Limited is a company with a collection of passionate individuals determined to change the Nigerian education narrative.

Mr Bassey-Eyo is also a regular feature at different conferences and seminars as a speaker all over the world.