Majda Mazri

Majda Mazri is a Professor of engineering at the Higher Institute of Engineering in Morocco: ESITH.

Majda has over twenty five years of experience in the field of Information Technology and telecommunication.  She has been involved in research, development, consulting and teaching.  She led the development and deployment of the first information systems for the Ministry of Interior in Morocco in 1992.

From 1996 to 2006, Majda has been involved in the production, integration, consulting and education in the field of Information systems in Morocco.

From 2009 and because of her double major in engineering, education and Multimedia from both Morocco and Lille in France, Majda decided to pursue further research in the domain of information systems to help improve the education of adults.

Since Majda benefited from Moocs, she took advantage of a range of moocs for 6 years to improve and enhance her knowhow and ability in pedagogy as a teacher of  engineer and specialized master cycles. Since then she decided to promote the adoption of this new model of learning to expand the education for everyone.