Russell McMahon

Russell McMahon has been teaching IT related subject matter since 1980 and has been a faculty member in the School of Information Technology at the University of Cincinnati since 1999. He is the assistant director of the undergraduate BSIT program. Prior coming to UC he has taught at several area high schools and spent more than 8 years in the IT world. He is very active in the IT user group community having served on the boards of multiple groups. In 1976 he joined the Peace Corps serving as a math/physics teacher at a rural high school in Zaire (now the DRC). In 2014, he spent 6 months working at three universities in three different countries (Rwanda, Kenya, and South Africa) in Africa doing IT curriculum development and giving talks on creative problem solving. He maintains a blog about the local IT groups and another on UC’s computing history. In the past year, he has given workshops on improv at the ACM SIGITE, ACM SIGCSE, CodeMash, Online Learning Consortium-MERLOT, and International Association of Workforce Professionals conferences. He recently attended the Applied Improvisation Network World Conference which was recently held in Paris. In February 2019, he will be applying his improv skills at Miras University in Kazakhstan as part of a Fulbright Specialist project to promote interactive learning and innovative problem solving in a multilingual environment.