Dr Rhoda Gitonga

Rhoda Gitonga is a Lecturer at Kenyatta University (Kenya). She is the Coordinator in-charge of Content Development at the Digital School of Virtual and Open Learning (DSVOL). Her work involves equipping academic staff interested in blended learning with requisite knowledge and skills to enable development of pedagogically sound approaches to repurposing existing as well as creating new materials for blended delivery; and also to develop evidence-based ways of approaching delivery in the blended classroom. She is also an academic developer under the mentorship of Staff and Education Development Association (SEDA) charged with the responsibility of supporting both academic and non-academic staff in the design and delivery of blended learning materials for online delivery. In addition, she runs Carpe Diem workshops (a team-approach to repurposing material for blended delivery) at her university in promoting development of blended learning programs. Currently, she is an appointee of SEDA to lead on the delivery of the second iteration of the Developing Blended Learning (DBL) course in East Africa as part of the Association of Common Wealth Universities (ACU)-led Partnerships for Enhanced and Blended Learning (PEBL) project.