Prof. Janvier Gasana

Janvier Gasana (MD MPH PhD) Bio 

Janvier Gasana, MD, MPH, PhD, holds an MD (Medical Doctorate) degree from the National University of Rwanda, and both Master and PhD degrees in public environmental and occupational health sciences from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

He is currently professor and consultant of Environmental and Occupational Health, Epidemiology, and Medicine at the Kuwait University Faculty of Public Health in Jabriya, Kuwait since January of 2016 [Previous faculty positions were held for 4 years at the National University of Rwanda Faculty of Medicine and for 20 years at Florida International University (FIU)].

He teaches online environmental and occupational health courses for FIU and Medical College of Wisconsin. His research interests focus on the role of environmental and occupational exposures to soil-, water-, air-, and food-borne contaminants; infections; allergens; injury; stress; genes; and the immune system in the pathological process that leads to the disease with the ultimate goal of preventing these exposures.

Through the online technology and the involvement with the Canada-based African Institute for Training and Research – Georges Henri Levesque (AITR-GHL) ( that works with scholars in the Diaspora, he and his colleagues are helping fellow African researchers to design and implement community-, home-, school-, and workplace-based research projects, in addition to online teaching.