Hemraj Ramsurrun

Actively engaged in the promotion of Science and Technology in Mauritius and Rodrigues, Hemraj Ramsurrun has evolved in this field since 2005 when he joined the Rajiv Gandhi Science Centre (RGSC) Trust Fund, the only institution mandated for the promotion and popularization of Science and Technology in Mauritius and Rodrigues. As Manager/Curator, he contributes significantly to the development of exhibitions on S&T and conducts science popularization activities while managing the electrical/electronic and IT facilities of RGSC.  He has been Jury member of science competitions and has contributed to several international workshops/conferences. Currently, Hemraj has particular interest in digital literacy skills and Information, Communication and Digital Technilogies to enhance public understanding of S&T. As Ambassador for Africa Code Week in Mauritius, Hemraj has been pivotal in rolling out this mass digital literacy programme.