Paul Birevu Muyinda

Paul Birevu Muyinda is an eLearning/mLearning specialist, a Senior Lecturer and Head of the Department of Open and Distance Learning at Makerere University, Uganda. He holds a Bachelor of Statistics Degree from Makerere University, a Masters Degree in Computer Science and Application from Shanghai University, a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (ICT) from University of Cape Town and a PhD in Information System from Makerere University. Paul has published and consulted widely in the area of e and mLearning. He has recently edited a book for Inteck Publishers on “Distance Education”.  Paul has led a number of research teams on numerous research projects.  He is currently a Principal Investigator in a Norad funded project for Leapfrogging 1st Generation Distance Education into 4th and 5th Generation Distance Education: A Strategy for Enhancing ICT Pedagogical Integration and Increasing Access to Education in Africa. Paul’s research interests are in the areas of open and distance learning, online learning, eLearning, mLearning, ICT4E and ICT4D.